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The Gulf Stream is slowing down
Scientists have been studying the oceans very carefully and they have come to the conclusion that the Gulf Stream is slowing down. This current is described as a major heat distribution method for the Atlantic. It effects the climate of Europe and eastern North America.

What will it mean for the overall climate in Europe and North America? We don't really know. 
How will this effect ocean life. What will happen to the various animals whose lives depend on the climate being stable.
We humans might be able to pack and move if things become unbearable. What about all the many creatures whose lives depend on the weather. If an area becomes too hot or too cold it might no longer sustain life. 

What about the currents in other parts of the world? Are they being effected by climate change.  What can we expect as a result.

This is a very serious situation, but you don't hear people talking about it as a crisis. I hear people making global warming jokes regularly. We are in the middle of an extreme weather event here in southern Ontario. There is a very nasty ice storm out there. I hear people saying "so much for global warming". What about catastrophic climate change? That is what global warming really means. Changing the Gulf Stream is going to mean some very real climate changes. I doubt they will be for the better.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This will be devastating for a large percentage of marine life.

The UK depends almost completely on the Gulf Stream for a moderate climate. Without it, we would get weather more suited to our latitude....which is far more severe.

Any change to the Gulf Stream will mean drastic weather changes for much of northern Europe and certainly for the UK and Ireland.
You could end up with Canadian weather. You don't have Canadian animals and Canadian farming. Europe and England would have to make a lot of changes. Your homes are not built for our weather. Marine life that needs warmer waters would have to migrate south. Sea life along the coast that can't migrate possibly won't survive.

We really don't know for sure what will happen. It is what we don't know that endangers the life we have now. If we won't change our behavior to stop climate change then we are going to have to change our behavior to adapt to climate change.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I remember the hundreds of Starfish which were washed up on UK beaches just after our snow and ice storms. Something went wrong there. There is frequently snow in the UK every winter; if not in all parts, then certainly in some, but that incident with the Starfish, as far as I know, is not a regular thing.

It will mean a whole new way of life here when something happens to the Gulf Stream. I don't quite know what it takes to protect a house against a Canadian winter. Most peoples' houses are pretty well-equipped here re: insulation, double glazing and central heating, but mine certainly isn't, even though the walls are almost 2ft thick. It is freezing here even with 10 below and such a battle to keep warm.
Canadian winters can go to -20C and even -30C. In the colder parts -40C happens. Your insulation is probably not geared for that cold a temperature. Your homes would probably have problems with plumbing freezing. I am not sure some of your roofs could take the extra snow weight. Do your cars have the proper snow tires for a cold winter? Can your roads handle the temperature changes? Do you have enough snow plows.  Many people would not have winter clothes that would handle a Canadian winter. My boots are good to -40C. I also wear special socks in them. 

Climate change has a lot of possible consequences. We are getting hotter summers here.  Many of our homes are not air conditioned. People are at risk of dying from the heat.
I am glad I planted trees. That will help. 

Some areas will be too dry to grow anything and the people will face water shortages and possible wildfires. Many places will face flooding. If the warmer gulf stream waters stay further south the hurricanes could continue to get stronger. 

These are all maybes and possiblys, but one thing is certain, there will be change if something so major as the gulf steam changes. Ocean currents are vital to life as we know it. If we are doing so much damage that the currents are changing then we better wake up and do something.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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