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The great British Bee Count
Friends of the Earth is raising awareness about ees by sponsoring and encouraging people to participate in a bee count between May 17 and June 30th.
If you want to participate you can register and even download an app to help identify different kinds of bees.

This is a good way of making people aware of bees and their importance to ecological balance.

One thing the article has is a list of ways to help bees. These suggestions would be helpful anywhere in the world where there are bees.

Quote:• Grow pollen and nectar-rich plants: Different bee species prefer different flower shapes, so aim for a range from tubular-shaped flowers to open-headed flowers. As well as flowers, try shrubs, herbs, trees, fruit and veg. Spring and autumn flowering bulbs are also great.  
• Plant through the seasons: Bees need food all year round, so grow flowers, shrubs and bulbs to offer a welcome for bees in the colder months. 
 No garden? Plant up a pot or window box. Try lavender, heathers, nasturtiums, sunflowers and bulbs like crocuses, as well as herbs. 
• Grow flowering herbs:  Try chives, sage, marjoram, mint and thyme, and rosemary if you have more space. 
• Learn to love a few weeds: Dandelions and clover are great source of food for bees. 
• Avoid using pesticides: Help wildlife thrive by putting away the chemical pesticides, especially those containing bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides.  
• Give bees a drink in hot weather: Provide a shallow bowl of clean rainwater with a few pebbles for the bees to land on. 
 Buy a bee-friendly gift: A beautiful plant, bee hotel or a Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit make unique gifts, that will give our bees a helping hand. 
Even if you only had a few plants in pots on a window ledge they could be plants that help bees.

Bees may be in trouble, but there is a lot we can do to help them.
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