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Finally got a Bearded Dragon!
Good for the vet that he put so much into caring for Popeye. That care saved his life. People recognize that you have a way with animals and you have the dedication to give specialized care. Not too many people would be able to care for Popeye. Very few would have the dedication to try. The vet and your friend recognize you for what you are capable of. Welcome to the world of reptile rescuing. Popeye is probably the first of many bearded dragons that you will rescue. There will always be beardies that are damaged and need homes.

I knew when you took in your first ball python that you would end up rescuing reptiles.

I hope you are able to give Popeye a number of good years. Even if he can't ever eat on his own, you can at least build up his strength. He can have a good life with you.

Today has been National Specially-abled Pet day. Jake Krinkle Snake sends Popeye a special hug. I hope Popeye thrives as much as Jake has and give you as much happiness.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


Aww reptile love. Above are pictures of Popeye in his spa. The look on his face is so content.  He's actually to the point he can get his tounge completely out of his mouth.  Which mean he could definitely try eating on his own. He's just not showing much interest in it yet.
[Image: ABCCertifiedTrainer.jpg]
Your spa set up is pretty fancy and yes he does look like he is enjoying it. I just use plastic boxes with air holes. I use them for snakes too so I need to have a lid that locks.

If he can move his tongue like that he is making progress.  I wonder what you could tempt him with. Has he shown interest in any foods? You could get some fancy bugs like wax worms or horn worms. That might tempt him. You could offer him dandelion flowers or pumpkin flowers. Beardies seem to like yellow flowers. I even give yellow rose petals, but from my own roses only.
You have to be careful of pesticide contamination. My garden and my city are pesticide free.

Even if Popeye doesn't eat he looks well and he could have a long happy life with you.

Welcome to the world of rescuing damaged beardies. Once you start there is no going back. I started with Jonathan in 2004 and I have had various beardie rescues ever since. Little George only lasted a few months, but he was so damaged. He was unconscious when he was brought in to the reptile centre. I forced liquid calcium into him and brought him round. He was half the size of a normal beardie.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The vet suggested a fogger but the pet ones are $50-$90. I found a mister on Wish for $15 and I just found another one for $9. I love Wish.
[Image: ABCCertifiedTrainer.jpg]

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