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Baby sea turtles found in hotel garbage can
Six baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles were found in water in a hotel garbage can by hotel house keeping staff.
A couple staying a the hotel had been out on the beach the night before and picked them up. 

Fortunately for the turtles they were found in time and they have been released in the ocean where they belong.

I find it hard to believe that  anyone is so out of touch that they do not recognize that you can't pick up endangered species like that.
You can't pick up sea turtles period. How would they survive in a garbage can. I am betting it wasn't even sea water.
It is such a thoughtless action. I hope they are fined for their actions. Those turtles could have died. They would have died if it was not for a quick thinking hotel staff.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Totally irresponsible. Thank goodness the chambermaid acted quickly.
The staff were quick thinking weren't they. They saved the little turtles lives.

I wondered all day why they picked up 6 turtles. I am wondering if they planned to sell them. I am sure there is always a market for endangered turtles.

Would they have ended up with a private collector or some kind of marine park?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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