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Search for entangled right whale--found!
There is a desperate search going on in the Bay of Fundy for an entangled right whale. This is a ten year old male of breeding age and their numbers are so low he is desperately needed. He is well known and there are recent pictures of him before he was entangled. Department of Fisheries planes and Coastguard vessels are out searching. Whale rescue groups are involved. Everyone is trying because it is feared he will die without help.

This is part of an ongoing attempt to save the North Atlantic Right Whale population. In the past years there have been many deaths and few births. It is thought that there are only 100 breeding age females left. The whole population is very vulnerable.
The efforts going into this search are a sign that we are really taking this seriously. 

My hope is that they find him in time. My next hope is that they start cleaning up all the garbage and lost fishing gear in the ocean. We are trying to save this whale, but how many other marine mammals and other sea life die unnoticed because of lost fishing gear. This is a serious problem for our oceans and we need to act on it.

This story is enough to make you cry. This whale is going about life in his own habitat and now his life is in danger because of human garbage dumped in his "home".
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I have a happy update. The entangled whale has been found. He has been cut free from his entanglement and is swimming freely.

Now we just have to hope that there is no lasting damage from his entanglement and that he continues his life in good health.
It is nice to have good news for a change. 97 35 67 19
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Bless the people who helped this Whale! Great news that he's finally free.

Discarded fishing gear is so dangerous. In any place....rivers. lakes, the ocean....anywhere.
They were not willing to give up until they found him. I hope he has a full and happy life ahead of him.

Now we need to clean up the oceans so this doesn't happen again. Maybe fishing gear needs tracking devices so it can be found and removed from the ocean.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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