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Oh noooooo! Not again.
Oh dear, the annual bloodthirsty slaughter of whales has happened yet again on the Faroe Islands. The method used to kill these gentle and sensitive creatures is beyond cruel. Warning: the photos are gruesome....

A British student present at the the slaughter sums it all up well:

"The squealing from the whales was horrible. They were putting hooks on ropes in their blowholes to pull them in and then hacking at them with knives.

"They didn't die in a very humane way."

Those involved in the slaughter claim the slaughter "is conducted in a way to cause as little suffering to the whales as possible."

As little suffering as possible? My backside! Angry (I had to find some polite expression, instead of a coarse one, because of the autocensor)
I was coming home to post this, but you got to it first. 

It is not a humane slaughter.
I noticed a baby whale in one of the pictures so they must have killed the mother and the baby was with her so the killed it too.

The claim is that this is an old tradition and that is supposed to justify it.

The claim is that they use the whale meat for food.

It is not recommended that child bearing women and children eat the meat or blubber. The chief medical officer did not consider the meat safe for human consumption. At most only one meal a month should be eaten.
The whale meat is not the main winter diet then.

There is no practical need for the slaughter. Claiming something as a tradition does not justify outrageously cruel behavior.

Ay very most, if they really wanted to eat some whale meat they could kill a few whales, not 1000. There is no need to kill mothers and babies. There is no need for a cruel brutal butchery of gentle sea mammals.

It doesn't say much about us as humans that we permit such brutality to continue.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

How sad and dreadful. Those poor creatures. I am so sorry about what happens to them.

The evidence proves there is intense suffering. What a load of rubbish is being said by the so-called "hunters".

I wonder if there is some kind of ultrasound device which could lead them all away from the Faroe Islands? So they are not in the vicinity of these heartless people in years to come?
I can't say anything I feel sick.
There must be some way to stop this. You might be on to something about the sound. Could a sound repel the whales. Could a recording to the slaughter be enough of a warning.

I hope something is done. I feel sick every year when this just keeps happening. Smiley19
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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