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The Ocean Clean-up launches Sept 8!
We may someday mark this day as a world holiday. The Ocean Clean-up will be launched Sept 8, 2018. The Ocean Clean-up is the idea of Boyan Slat, a young man with large ideas. He has come up with an idea to clean up the great Pacific Garbage Patch. 
The technology is simple and "powered" by ocean currents. The system will trap garbage and then we can remove it for recycling.

It is the simplicity and basic structure of The Ocean Clean-up that will enable it to work.
We will need more than one. Certainly we have to tackle the other garbage patches. It will take time to work. Other systems will be needed to clean beaches and shallow waters. It is however a major step in cleaning up the oceans.  

So Sept 8 should be known as Ocean Clean-up day, the day we stopped talking about the problem of ocean garbage patches filled with plastics and actually started to clean them up.

The kid is a genius. I hope he comes up with other great ideas to save the planet. There better be some kind of Nobel Prize in his future.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is a wonderful, simple invention he has come up with! It is good news that the floating plastic is being dealt with.
September 8th is tomorrow. I wish them well with the launch.

Well done to this young inventor!

Now we have to tackle the problem from the other end too, and prevent that much garbage getting into the ocean in the first place.
Surely that much cannot be just coming from "litter louts" who throw trash out of cars etc? It is on such a monumental scale, it makes me wonder if some rubbish that should be collected and dealt with by authorities,local councils, etc is not being dumped into the water a cheaper option maybe...?

On a more personal note, many people were throwing rubbish out of passing cars on my lane. I was forever picking it up and recycling it, or burning what couldn't be recycled (yes I know, polluting the air....but what can you do?)

Anyway I put up a sign and tied it to the hedge:
Would the people who regularly throw rubbish
out of their car windows here
please stop doing it?
Well suddenly there is no rubbish thrown out of cars any more on my lane. I am amazed.
I am hoping they didn't just save it up to throw out of the window somewhere else....
This is a big day. The oceans are a long way from clean, but at least we are starting something. I hope it is the first of many ocean clean up starts. It will take many, but I think someday we will notice a difference.

Garbage is being dumped into the ocean in some places. They haul whole barges out to sea and dump them. If we could stop things at this end then we would only need to clean up the garbage already there. If we keep dumping then we are not even keeping up no matter how hard we try.

I am surprized the sign worked. I wonder if they took the garbage home or dumped it somewhere else. Maybe they were not sure if you could see them. There are usually fines for dumping and littering.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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