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Rescuing lost reptile pets
It seems that there are a number of reptiles out there lost that are being rescued.

A rather large iguana has been seen around and has finally been caught.

I am sure he enjoyed his vacation time, but with winter coming he will glad to be inside under a heat lamp.

A corn snake was found caught in a mouse tap on the streets of London

The snake is a little bruised, but otherwise unhurt and probably glad to be rescued.

Reptiles sometimes take little jaunts like that.
I happen to know that my albino Black Rat  Snake lived on the streets of Toronto for  four months in 2011 before he was found. 
After I took him he has made it clear to  me that he never wants to do that again. He is content to live his life in his own safe tank where things are clean and warm and food is regular.

[Image: S7VND69aSBZgkry9cfHYIRajpgtU21wlVtyFp4o_...=w490-h275]
This is Martin. He is older now, but he is still a beautiful snake and he is so sweet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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