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Dog survives flooding by floating on a couch
A little Maltese dog survived Hurricane Florence by floating on a couch...for a week! The dog was trapped inside the home and when the flood waters rose it stayed on the couch and survived. The owner was trapped elsewhere and couldn't get home to rescue the dog.
The Humane Society of Missouri Disaster response Team had to make a number of tries, but they found the house and broke in and saved the dog.

Can you imagine the stories that dog could tell if it could talk.  

I didn't realize that floodwaters are still a problem in some areas. I know animal and people rescues continue long after a storm is gone. There was so much water that there is no where for it to go.

I am happy the little dog was rescued. The week must have felt like an eternity to a dog stranded in a flood in the dark and cold all alone. He did look happy to see people again.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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