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Emotional support guinea pigs
Guinea pigs have joined a long line of animals that serve as support for people with anxiety and depression. The cute sounds and cheerful guinea pig natures really help people cope with life and feel better.

They are calling pets like these "panic Pets" because they help people get trough periods of panic. Some pets like dogs really do things to help people. Guinea pigs work their magic just by being piggies. There is something happy and relaxed about guinea pigs that people seem to pick up on. They give off a real sense of calm and for an anxious person that can really help. 

Guinea pigs also react so positively to every thing you do for them. Give them a carrot every day and they will be just as excited every day. Having something respond so positively to being cared for can really help a person feel better. They also need care and so they force people to keep doing things when they just want to give up. I think it is clear that we would all be better if we have pets and for some people it is the thing that keeps them going.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Having an animal to care for, and a little friend, helps many people through some of the worst things ever invented.

I can imagine a little Guinea Pig being the ideal companion for those with depression etc. But it seems sad to have just one, as they are sociable, so maybe better to have a handful! Smiley4

Can they be certified as "support animals"? That might make a difference for people who live in apartments which do not allow pets. It might say in the article, but my laptop threw a bit of a fit about loading the page fully (probably the time of day.)
I don't think guinea pigs can be certified as emotional support animals. Dogs are having a hard time getting recognition. 
Guinea pigs work as support animals, not because of training, but just because their natural behavior works to lift people's moods and anxieties.
All a guinea pig has to do is act like a guinea pig to help people feel better.

You are right, it would be better to have two or more guinea pigs. They are so cute in little herds. There are also guinea pig sounds from them talking to each other that are really soothing. They are just naturally cute and cheerful. Sometimes that is enough to help someone keep going during a bad time.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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