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Ontario Government attacks the Environment
We have a government in power that is anti-environment. That is the only way I can think to describe them.
Where to begin....
Developers will now be able to pay a fee rather than follow the endangered species act regulations. In theory the endangered species will still be protected, but do you really believe developers will protect the animals. If they did we would not need and endangered species act in the first place.

Ontario has a tree planting program called, The 50 Million Tree Program. There goal is, you guessed it, to plant 50 million trees.
So far since 2008 27 million trees have been planted. Our tree canopy is too small. It needs to be at 40% and we have anywhere from 26% to as low as 5%. The forest serve as homes for many species, endangered or not. They also help with flood control and air quality. Trees do many things for us.
Our current government just cut the funding to this program. They have cut the funding for tree planting!

This effects every part of the environment.
It also effects the people who have been hired to plant the trees and the nursery that has been growing them.
They could loss 40% of their income.  At a time when teachers, social workers and even midwives have been put out of work by this government, not tree planters will be unemployed.

There are other ways the environment is being damaged. I will look for more articles. 
The lesson in all this is that the environment is too important for us to leave it to the government. We are always one bad election result away from an environmental disaster.
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