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Rememberance Day ceremony held for the animals that died in wars
Victoria, British Colombia held a special memorial service in memory of the animals that died as war.
They did not honour them as heroes, they remembered them as victims. The Animal Alliance of Canada started the event 5 years ago. They feel it is very important to remember that while animals served and gave their lives,  they were not given a choice. 
They did what they were compelled to do. 
People wore purple poppies for the animals. Animal Aid started the practice in the UK to commemorate the animal victims of war.
There are animal war memorials in London and in Ottawa. Animal Alliance wants to build one in Victoria. The number of animals who died numbers in the millions in the First World War alone. Honouring them without glorifying the use of animals in war is not going to be easy.

It is important that we always remember that we didn't give animals a choice. They were simply used in the war effort and it was accepted that many would die. I think we do owe them appropriate memorials and I think we need to hold memorials for them.
I am glad the Animal Alliance of Canada has taken charge of this. Maybe next year they will have an appropriate memorial as a proper location to hold the ceremony. Too many people have died because of wars. Far too many animals have died. Smiley19
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