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Caterpillars on salad become Condo pets
A woman in Toronto was cleaning her organic kale and found a number of caterpillars on the leaves. Research showed that they are of the cabbage butterfly species. She set the caterpillars up so they could live. They lived, they thrived and they formed Chrysalids. Then butterflies emerged  from the Chrysalids and she has a group of butterflies that she is trying to look after for the 3 short weeks that they live.

I think what she is doing is wonderful. The caterpillars didn't know the leaves of kale they were on would be harvested. I am sure they would have been happy to stay where they were. It would have been fascinating to watch the caterpillars form chrysalids.
Seeing them emerge as  butterflies would have been exciting.
I hope the little butterflies do well in her condo window. There was no way to return them to their natural habitat so what she is doing for them is the best possible life they can have.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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