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Whales Without Walls
Whales Without Walls is a short documentary that will be screened at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. It describes the Whale Sanctuary Project.

The idea is to create sea sanctuaries for captive Belugas and Orcas so they can be retired from marine entertainment parks.
A couple of areas are being considered. It would involve netting a half kilometer of ocean in a bay area.

I know there has  been talk of sea sanctuaries for retired preforming whales. I did not realize the project was this far along. 
This could actually happen sooner than we expected. It will be so wonderful to know that these whales can have peaceful lives closer to nature. It may not be possible to fully return them to the wild, but they can still have some freedom to live real lives and be whales again. I can't wait to hear that construction has been started.
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