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Peta's Super Bowl Ad that will never be aired
Peta produced a Super Bowl ad that was rejected . It plays on the Colin Kaepernick kneeling protest. It shows animals kneeling during the American National Anthem. The final animal to kneel is the Bald Eagle, the American National Animal. The message is a protest against Speciesism. It states clearly that all life should be respected.

The article I could find about this ad is against what Peta  has done. The message is powerful and I think it is too bad that it won't be seen during the Super Bowl. It is a message that needs to be heard.

                                   Respect is the right of every living being

It is pretty hard to argue with that and be in the right. The idea of having the animals kneel in protest does not diminish the original protest. In a way it expands it.

This may be the best commercial that was never aired and through social media it may be seen by more people than would ever have seen it during the Super Bowl.
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