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Horses hunted and shot in Kentucky
There is a herd of about 35 horses that roam in eastern Kentucky. Last December about 20 of them were found shot. It looks like they were hunted and then shot with low caliber weapons. Even  foals and pregnant mares were shot. There is a good chance there were  injured horses running scared and the Dumas Rescue group initiated a search for them. They have also offered a reward for information about who did this.

This is just such a random act of cruelty. The horses are quietly living their lives harming no one. To go in there and start killing them is the act of a coward, a very miserable excuse for a human being.

Two horses were found and rescued.

Since the mare is pregnant it is really three horses that have been saved. At least they are safe from whoever did this.
I do hope they catch the person. Someone knows who they are.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Let's hope that they will be stupid enough to post (boast) about it on Facebook - then they can be identified and caught. The people who did this are dangerous and sick. It also goes without saying that the ease with which weapons can be obtained in the USA makes such crimes easy to commit.
There is such a hunting/gun mentality that it is easy for someone to do this. If they post it on Facebook someone will see it and turn them in. Someone somewhere knows who they are.

Things like this make a real good case for gun control. Do you really want someone who would shoot a pregnant mare or a foal to have continued access to guns. The person is a danger to the rest of society. I wonder if they have a history of injuring or killing animals.
They will do something like this again if they are not stopped.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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