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Captive Beluga Whales prepare for sanstuary life
Iceland has  prepared a  sea sanctuary for whales that have been living in captivity in marine parks. The first two future inhabitants are Beluga Whale females called Little White and Little Grey. It does take time to ready a whale that as been captive in a tank many years. Sea Life Trust  working with British Merlin Entertainment
started this project. If these two whales can transition successfully to a sanctuary  they hope to provide sanctuary for some of the many other captive whales that are living in tanks right now.
It is not full release to the wild, but it is a more natural life for the whales.

Humans captured these whales and used them for entertainment and to make money.  We never had the right to do that. Now, we can't fix what we have done by tossing the whales back into an ocean where they no longer know how to survive. Sea sanctuaries are a solution that give the whales a better life while still helping them to survive. It is not open ocean, but it is not a small tank. They have the benefit of fresh ocean water and room to swim. I really hope this project works. It would bring hope and a better life to so many captive whales and other marine mammals.

There are other sanctuaries being set up. Ideally, all captive marine mammals will find a sea sanctuary and be free from life in a tank.
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