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Dark days
I honestly don't know where to start or what to say.  We have lost a lot of good babies this year.  Jean-Luc our first snake 
(a rescue Ball Python) that started it all.  He passed last month of old age.  He had been slowing down but nothing drastic.  He was just gone one morning.

Shireen passed the same week.  She was the Mojave baby I got last year.  I was sadly unable to ever get her to eat even with assist feeding.  I think I was given her too young honestly and she had the spider gene that cause so many issues as well. And then this past week we lost Popeye.  Popeye was my special needs bearded dragon and he had been doing much worse the past few weeks  I had been throwing around the idea of letting him go but he nothing drastic ever changed he just passed one night.
On top of all that my mom's neighbor has been having about as much luck.  I haven recently but I used to help work her horses and ride them.  She had two Blue and Georgia that developed collic and had to be put down a few weeks apart and then the person who owns the barn had to have one of his horses put down which is the horse all the new riders rode because he was the sweetest and smoothest.

This is all in under 2 months.
Libby, I am so sorry. You are having what we call a death month. It  is all unrelated, but you lose a number of animals in the same month. (or months)
I don't know why it happens, but deaths seem to cluster. One summer I felt like the Rainbow Bridge had set up a permanent link to my place.

It can be hard to tell if snakes are going. Sometimes there is no warning. Losing Jean-Luc is tough. He is your first ball python.
Shireen must have been a shock even if she wasn't eating. She was young. Snakes just don't let on if things are not right. I am starting to recognize signs now, but they are subtle.

I am sorry about Popeye. You gave him some good quality life. He was so damaged that you couldn't do more. He wouldn't have had that much without you. 
He knew he was loved and cherished and you gave him amazing care. You gave him the most that he could have given the state he was in.  Caring for special needs pets is rewarding, but it is also hard. We often lose them way too young. RIP Popeye. You were a brave boy  and you will be missed.

That is tough about your mom's neighbour. Losing horses to colic is tough. Losing horses is tough. My sympathies to her. 

I am having a death month too. I lost Martin my black rat snake. I knew he was old and the signs were there, but I didn't want him to go. My gopher snake, Jasper is an old man and he is clearly dying. One of my young male corn snakes is dying. I coaxed him into eating, but I don't think it will make a difference.

Joey the guinea pig was dead one morning. His brother Larry is the one that is not doing well, but it is Joey that is gone.

I don't even want to whisper that at 16, Barrie, the Black and White Colombian Tegu is looking old. 

It is a tough time and I feel for you. Once you have multiple pets deaths seem to cluster.
Sadly when you rescue animals this happens.
A big hug from me and my animals to you and your family. We know how you feel. Smiley19
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am sorry about all your losses Libby. It's very sad when so many little ones go in such a short space of time Heart

And sorry for your Mom's neighbours too, whose horses passed. You must miss them very much.

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