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Feeding strays in Bali during the Pandemic
In places like Bali the strays are used to being fed by the tourists. Suddenly there are no tourists and the dogs don't know where to go to get food.  
Four Paws working with the Bali Animal Welfare Association have set up two teams to go every day to feed the animals and provide medical care. 
Without the help the dogs have no choice, they have to steal food and attack farm animals. This brings them into conflict with humans. It puts the dogs at risk of being harmed and even killed. The feeding teams are making a life and death difference in the lives of these dogs.

We are dealing with the big issues of the pandemic. People are staying home and staying safe. There is no tourism right now. We see this from our human point of view and how it effects us. It is fortunate that there is a group like Four Paws to notice that the stray dogs are being effected by the lack of tourists.

Perhaps it was not wise to feed the strays without planning some long term future for them. Now when they are feeding them they can think about the possibilities
of finding homes for them. It may not be possible for all the strays, but hopefully some of the dogs are adoptable.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I just watched something on our news about this very thing,there's an Australian woman that feeds the strays they depend on tourists for help and because there are no tourists she only has enough food for a week.
I hope she gets plenty of donations to help her out. There are so many places where animals have depended on tourists. I just hope there are people in each place who can help the animals. 

Tourists would be better to fund something that helps find homes for the strays. Feeding them creates problems when the tourists can't be there.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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