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The angry bird is back in Toronto
Last summer people in Liberty Village, a neighbourhood in south Toronto, were terrorized by a red winged Black Bird. He became known as Dive-bombing Dave.
He literally dove down and attacked people. This may not be the actual same bird from last year, but he is acting the same.  This year there is a neighbour set up to take pictures. Dave does attack. There must be a nest and any time someone walks near the nest, Dave attacks.

I know it is a bit intimidating to have a bird attack, but Dave is just one small bird. People did seem to act like they were being attacked by a large raptor, not a little Red Winged Blackbird.  Maybe it would help if they located the nest and directed people to avoid walking near it.  Maybe people could carry umbrellas to protect their heads. Until. the eggs hatch and the chicks are out of the nest Dave is going to defend his family. People are going to need to find ways of dealing with it. Dave isn't going to change and he is not going to move.
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