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Sir David Attenborough to help London Zoo raise money
Everyone has been hit by the Covid 19 crisis. In particular, zoos when they had to close their doors because of the virus, lost out because they had no income, but they still had animals to feed. It has been costing the London Zoo  thousands of pounds every month. Now they need to raise millions of pounds so they can continue their work.

This is a serious time and we all need to help wherever we can and  whatever groups we are able to help.  The London Zoo, like many other large zoos, has important conservation programs. It does matter that these programs continue.

I hope the work of Sir David is enough to keep the zoo going.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am so glad to hear Sir David has stepped in to get help on the way for London Zoo. I also hope they manage to raise enough. Closure would be awful, and the survival of those animals is at stake, apart from anything else.
The survival of the animals is at stake and so is the survival of species that the zoo is helping to survive.
I am sure Sir David will do what is needed and keep the zoo going.

I made a point of sending money to the animal groups (zoos and shelters) in my own area. If everybody sends even a little to the zoos they personally know they should get through this okay. It is a tough time, but they can survive with our help.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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