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Puppy swallowed a battery and is saved by a vet
A three month old puppy got hold of a package of  AAA batteries. One of the batteries was missing so she was rushed to the vet. 
X-rays revealed the battery was in the stomach. Fortunately it was possible to remove the battery through endoscopic retrieval.
The puppy went home healthy and happy.

The happy outcome this time is not always what happens. Batteries can lodge in dangerous places. They can leak toxic chemicals. If it is not known that a battery was swallowed the dog might not see a vet in time. The outcome can be fatal. The only real way to prevent tragedy is to prevent dogs from swallowing batteries in the first place. Like many household items batteries need to be stored safely out of the reach of dogs and children.

Basically if something would be dangerous if swallowed, assume your dog would swallow it and make sure the dog never has a chance. Prevention is the best way to keep your dog safe from dangerous household items.
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