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Karen's Heart: The True Story of a Brave Baby Orangutan
Karen, a baby Sumatran Orangutan, was born at San Diego Zoo. She wasn't as active as a baby Orangutan should be so she was examined at the zoo's health centre. Karen was found to have a serious heart defect. A surgical team the included a human surgeon performed open heart surgery on Karen.
Once she regained her strength. Karen was returned to her Orangutan family.
That was 25 years ago and Karen is still living with her Orangutan family.
The story of her life is now available in a book called Karen's Heart: The Story of a Brave Baby Orangutan.

When I was reading this I thought it was something that had just happened. I know the early days of such surgeries were not always successful.
Of course 25 years ago they were already having success. It must have been a remarkable surgery for the veterinarians and for the cardiac surgeon.
I don't suppose the surgeon even did a second Orangutan surgery. Clearly it was a success if Karen is still alive and well 25 years later.
It would be interesting to read the story of what Karen went through.  I am impressed with the zoo keepers who noticed that Karen wasn't well. If they had waited too long Karen might not have survived.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's so good that they helped her, and have kept her alive for 25 years! That is a good result so far.
I wish Karen many more happy healthy years.
It looks like she has done very well so far.  Orangutans live into their 50s so she has lots of good years ahead of her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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