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Western consumers fuel wildlife trade
Eastern markets might be involved in eating wildlife and selling body parts, but western countries are just as involved. Billions of dollars are spent legally and illegally on animals for consumption by western countries. Endangered species are involved as well as farmed wildlife. Animals are eaten and they are made into "fashion statements". The desire for wildlife parts drives poaching and the illegal wildlife. As long as western consumers are willing to pay the market for these animals will continue to exist.
The only way to stop it is to kill the market for these animals. If the fashion industry refuses to sell fur and skins and customers refuse to buy such products then part of the industry will be stopped. Campaigns targeting companies and consumers are effective, but they take a lot of work. People's thinking has to change before the industry can change.

Given the emergence of new viruses through the wildlife trade, we either change or we risk destroying ourselves.

The lack of ethics behind the wildlife trade should be enough to make us reject it. Sadly there seems to be a lack of ethics in many places.
People should not have to be convinced not to eat endangered animals. It shouldn't take a graphic campaign to get people to reject wearing fur.
Even people who claim to love animals will not give up their Canada Goose Parkas with the down filling and coyote fur trim.

So if we won't stop the wildlife trade and the animal cruelty that goes with it, maybe we will stop because we keep encountering diseases that can kill us.
Ebola and SARS have been bad. A lot of people have died. We brought that on ourselves.  This time with Covid 19 we have encountered something that is stronger than us. We will bring it under control, but not without a lot of work and a lot of loss of life. The next virus we encounter might be much worse.

Is it really worth it to eat a strange animal or to wear some odd animal skin. If we want to live peacefully on this planet then we have to learn to live at peace with the planet and the others that inhabit the planet. Any other course of action will eventually end in disaster.
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