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Two captive Beluga Whales are returned to the sea
The two Beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey, were held in a Russian research facility until they were sold to a Chinese aquarium. They have been captive there since 2011. Sadly they just can't be turned loose in the ocean. They would not know how to survive. The best life they can have is at a whale sanctuary.

After a long journey they have made it safely to Iceland and they are now in their new home. Whale Sanctuaries are set up along rugged coastlines. An area of the coast is fenced off, but the ocean water can flow freely through the fencing. The whales can live as if they were free in the ocean, but they are safe and can be looked after. 

Sea Life Trust is a global charity working to preserve sea life. They have been involved in setting up the Beluga Whale Sanctuary along with Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Little Grey and Little White are their first inhabitants. They are in the bayside care pools right now while they acclimatize. If all goes well they will be released into the wider sanctuary area. They have gone from small pools at an aquarium where they were a display for human entertainment to a wide area open to the ocean. They can live natural lives under a minimum of human supervision. 

There are hundreds of other Beluga Whales still in captivity and thousands of whales of different kinds living in unsuitable conditions.
Little White and Little Grey are the first to be released from their nightmare to a  the Iceland Whale Sanctuary. Hopefully they are the first of many.

There are other sanctuaries in the planning and construction phases. Someday all captive whales could be released to sanctuaries. I hope it is soon.
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