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Shelters evacuated before Hurricane Laura hits
The Humane Society of the United States is coordination the evacuation of adoptable shelter animals before Hurricane Laura makes landfall. The animals are being trucked to safety at a number of other shelters outside the storm area.  By emptying the local shelters they have created space to house local animals that will be displaced by the storm. 
The animals are being taken from Beaumont, Texas, Gulfport, Mississippi and various cities in Louisiana.
They are being taken to shelters in North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas.

This is a well organized rescue and it is in plenty of time to save all the shelter animals. Multiple shelters needed help and multiple shelters have offered space.
This is the real story. Shelters and animal welfare organizations  are really working together to save a wider number of animals. If rescues like this can be carefully organized many more animals will be helped.

It does help that we have  better ways of communicating and coordinating. What has really changed is the attitude. Various groups are now working together and combining their resources. The result is more animals saved and a better chance of adoptions for the evacuated animals. With less animals to care for the shelters that will be hit by the hurricane can help rescue and reunite pets caught in the storm.

Hopefully no animals will be lost.  The shelters are certainly doing the best they can.
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