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Massive number of birds found dead in New Mexico.
Just saw this today. It is about elephants, not birds, but it is another significant die-off:

Elephants can migrate over very large distances and still manage to find regular feeding places. How? No doubt the same way as birds - using geomagnetic field lines.
This is disturbing. It is terrible that we are having elephant die offs just because we cannot afford to lose elephants. It is even more troubling that we are having a large die off of yet another type of animal.

I hope the scientific community is watching this closely. I know there have been a lot of whale beachings. I am wondering if there are other species die offs that we are not yet paying attention to.  There is definitely a problem. It is possible that not everything is related, but at least some things are related.
All the wildfires and massive storms are linked to climate change. Electromagnetic issues could also be linked to climate change.

Actually, the electromagnetic changes are under discussion in connection with climate change.  I am trying to find an article that I can post.
Is this issue linked to bird and elephant die offs? We don't know yet. That is the real worry, we don't know and what we don't know could hurt us all.
I am going to keep looking for an article that explains the issue clearly.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Just in the news today. 380 whales - a record for Australian stranding:
I am glad you posted this. I just saw the headline when I was checking my phone earlier.  This is a huge number of whales. How could so many end up on shore. Something must confuse them or else some would turn back in time. The beached ones would warn them of the danger. They are not getting warned, they are all ending up on the sand.

I think it is remarkable that they saved so many. You have to admire the people who rush in to help. A shocking number still died.
Why does this keep happening?

We need someone who is good at analyzing things to step back and look at all the mass animal deaths as a big picture. Something must be happening and we need to figure it out. 

There have been many other whale deaths.

The use of sonar could be a factor. In some ways that links back to the birds and high frequency electromagnetic waves. Sound is just waves of different frequencies. 

I am wondering if there are other species that are being effected. Are there species that we don't even know about?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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