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Fake turtle eggs used to track illegal wildlife trade
Fake turtle eggs, outfitted with GPS transmitters, were planted in sea turtle nests along with the real eggs. The real, eggs were not harmed by the fake eggs and when the nests were raided the eggs could be tracked.  Right now they are learning where the eggs go and who is receiving them. It will take time to shut down  the trafficking of turtle eggs. An important first step is knowing who is buying the eggs.  As they improve the quality of the fake eggs they will be able to track them better.

We may as well use modern tools to track animal traffickers. We need  every advantage we can get. If we can finally stop the illegal trade in sea turtle eggs we  can increase the chances of sea turtles surviving. Whatever it takes to protect the turtles is a good  thing. Can you imagine the surprise when someone buying sea turtle eggs discovers and egg with a GPS transmitter. Maybe it will be enough to scare someone into not having anything to do with animal trafficking. We can hope.
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