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Calf found tied to a wall now flourishing at an animal sanctuary
Little JD was found tied to a wall at 3 days old. He had clearly been taken from his mother and lacked the basic immunity from her milk. He has had some set backs and needed medication, but he has pulled through and is now a happy lively little calf.

Road to Rescue Animal Sanctuary has been responsible for his care. They are committed to letting JD live out his whole life at the sanctuary.
Now they are fundraising so they can buy more land for JD and any other calves they need to take in.

JD is certainly the cutest little calf. It just seems so cruel to take a baby from his mom and not even try to look after him.
I suppose he was being left to die. When you look at him and how full of life he is it is hard to imagine who could be so callous and uncaring.
I am glad there are sanctuaries like Road to Rescue Animal Sanctuary. Without them JD would be dead. He wouldn't even have a name.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you Road Rescue Animal Sanctuary! And thanks to the person who first saw that little calf and did something about it!

I am glad to hear this little one is on the mend. What a horrible thing for someone to do!
No matter how much abuse is out there, there is always someone to fix it. There are many little rescues and sanctuaries doing good work.
Good thing there are, because little calves like JD would never have a chance without them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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