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one adoption turns into 13.
When Steve lost his pet dog he went to the shelter and asked for a dog that no one wanted. That gave him 12 year old Eeyore. 
Then he went back and asked for another dog that no one wanted. And then he did it again. Now he has thirteen dogs.
He also has a number of other animals and they all get along as a big happy family.

You will laugh when you look at the pictures. They are a motley crew, but they are some loveable looking dogs. I love the house chicken and the turkey.
These are animals that no one wanted and now they are part of a happy, loving family. Because they are older and they have some experience, they have a lot to give and they appreciate what they have.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live like Steve and just give animals in need permanent  homes.
As I sit here with my new rescue baby bunny(who was just visiting my rescue guinea pig) with  my rescue canaries and budgie beside me I realize I do live like Steve. I just don't have dogs. I have everything else, but no far.
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