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One hundred whales die in mass stranding off of New Zealand
The whales and three dolphins were stranded in the remote Chatham Islands in eastern New Zealand. By the time help arrived most of the whales were dead and the rest had to be euthanized.  The whales were Pilot Whales and there have been  strandings of Pilot Whales in New Zealand already this year. In September 450 Pilot Whales were stranded in Tasmania. Many of those whales survived because help was able to reach them in time.

This is a sad thing. Stranded whales are so helpless. Their only hope is for people to reach them in time. Sadly in this case it didn't happen. 
I still wonder what we have done to the oceans that is causing whales to do this.  The death of so many gentle creatures is one more sadness in a sad year.  Smiley19
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