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Are raccoons getting smarter?
City raccoons and country raccoons are developing different skills. The city raccoons are learning things from us and they are definitely getting smarter.
If we create a way to keep them out of our homes and garbage, they find a way to get in.
Raccoons like to try new things and we present them with new challenges all the time. Because it is in their nature to persevere they will keep trying things until they can do them.  Yes they can get into our raccoon proof kitchen waste bins.

I love our raccoons. They are so clever and they are always getting into something new and different.  We made our subways more accessible and now raccoons have been spotted on the subways. We can't possibly compete. Raccoons have all the time in the world and they keep trying to open things until they figure it out.
We can't contain them or control them. We need to relax and live in peace with them. After all, much of what they know, they learned from us.  Doesn't that make them a sort of annoying but loveable younger sibling?
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