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Doug the Pug creates foundation for sick children
Doug the Pug is known for spreading messages of hope. He has become an internet celebrity with followers and merchandise and a YouTube channel.
He has done work visiting kids in hospitals who have cancer and other life threatening illnesses.  So Doug the Pug has created a foundation to help the children  and their families. The focus is on helping them still have some joy in their lives. The foundation also plans to fund therapy dogs for the children.

I remember the first You Tube videos of Doug the Pug walking up to people and giving them balloons with happy messages.
Doug was adorable then and made people smile. Now he has become a star and many people know about him.

He even has a Wikipedia  page.

He still makes people smile.
I am glad he is turning his focus of sick children. They need all the smiles they can get.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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