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Turtles stranded off of Cape Cod
This is a dangerous time of the year for turtles swimming off of Cape Cod and areas where the ocean waters can become very cold. The turtles need to migrate south to warmer waters, but sometimes they get caught by sudden cold snaps. They can become immobile and wash ashore. If they are not rescued quickly they can die of hypothermia.
Over the Thanksgiving weekend 150 turtles ended up in trouble. Efforts are being  made to save  their lives and transport them to warmer waters.

This is a yearly event with turtles on the east coast. The work that is done every year to save stranded turtles is very important to the survival of the various species. Of course the most important is the large loggerhead turtle. He is very rare and as a male, very important to his species. I hope all the turtles survive, but I especially hope the loggerhead turtle survives.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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