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Pet food recall
There is another pet food recall. A number of dogs have died because the corn in the food is contaminated with mold.  The mold is Aspergillus Flavus which produces a toxin, aflatoxin, which is fatal to dogs if ingested.  The food is called Sportmix and it is produced by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.
There are more details and a link to a list of recalled foods in the article.

It is important to get the word out there if there is a recall. Every time an animal eats the food there is a risk of irreversible damage. Hopefully this time no more animals will get sick and die.  If you know the brand or the manufacturer be sure and check your food to determine if it is safe.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The pet food recall has been expanded. More than 70 dogs have died now. If you use dog food produced by Midwestern Pet Foods I suggest you check with the company to find out if the food you have used is on the recall list.
The company also makes cat food if your cat eats this brand please check to be sure the food you have is safe.

If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned you should consult with a vet immediately. Sometimes things can be done if the vet is brought in soon enough.
Sadly more animals will die because of exposure to the toxin in the food. I just hope the notice gets to people in time to prevent more deaths in the future.
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Companies often add grains of various kinds (including corn, as in this case) to their dog foods. It helps to keep their products affordable. But there is always a danger of contamination. Also, corn or maize, wheat and other grains are not the best nutrition for cats and dogs. They need high amounts of carnitine and taurine to survive, plus of course vitamins and minerals.

Good commercial dog and cat foods do exist, but often they are more expensive. I make Forgy's food myself, plus a wide range multi-vitamin and mineral tablet crushed, as I distrust many of then usual commercial brands with high amounts of grains added.
You are right that it is the grain that is the problem. This time it was mold contamination. The grain wouldn't pass inspection for use as human food.
They probably thought that they could get away with it for animal food.

Years ago many cats and dogs died or were damaged because of contaminated grain. Something was added to the grain to make it test as higher quality and therefore be worth more money. I had just had my rescue Hedgehog Quibble for a month. He was doing really well. I bought one small  can of cat food for him as a treat. He showed signs of massive kidney failure and was gone  within the  week. I am sure it was the food. For my second hedgehog I made special treats and he lived for years. If only I hadn't bought that can of food.

 I think you are wise to make Forgy's food.  It would be better quality than commercial food and safer for him.
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