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Teen pilot flies rescue dogs to new homes
New Mexico shelters are over populated with dogs.  Colorado people are looking to adopt dogs. If only there was a way to get the dogs to the people who want them.  It turns out there is a way.  The local dog rescue group made a connection with an aviation academy. They have students with licenses who need to put in flight time. A young, teen pilot made his flight requirements and trans ported 22 dogs to new lives.

It is a win win situation and more. The dogs get transported and the shelters are helped with their over crowding problems. The pilot gets his flight time and families get to adopt new pets. These kind of partnerships between pilots and rescue groups are so beneficial. There is no need for any animal to die in an over crowded shelter. There are plenty of places that want them.  We just have to get them there. It turns out that there are many ways to get them there.
There are many groups that transport animals now. It is a whole new world for rescue animals and there is no excuse for shelters to kill healthy animals.
They just have to reach out to the people who can help them.
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