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Orcas return to BC coastal waters
The northern [population of killer whales has been absent from the central BC coastal waters for 20 years. They have returned!
The pod is in three matrilineal groups and the two that have returned are the ones that have not been seen in the area. 
Researchers are excited. The group is still endangered, but they are doing better than the southern Orca population.

There is some disagreement as the why they were absent. The important thing is that they are back. 
I am sure the  absence of people because of the pandemic is a factor. A lot of animals are changing their habits because of it. 
The important thing is their return to their traditional waters. It would be wonderful if they continued to live in the coastal waters. It is a homecoming, a return to healthier times for the orcas. Welcome back. Please stay.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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