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Curfew exemption for Quebec dog walkers does not apply to cats
Quebec is under a pandemic curfew. If you are out after 8pm you risk a fine, unless you are walking a dog.
So a  man whose cat likes to go outside walking on a leash asked if the exemption applies to him. The answer is no. If he is out walking with his cat on a leash he risks a big fine. The same is true for other pets. Only people walking with dogs are exempt.

This doesn't seem fair. Cats like to keep odd hours and if the cat wants a night walk, why is it not given the same privileges a dog has.
I don't want the dogs to lose their privileges, but it is not okay that they are the only ones to get walks. 
I know the curfew is necessary and where I live is one step short of a curfew. We all have to make sacrifices at this time, but would it really make that much difference if one person walks a cat?
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There hasn't been lockdown in France for quite a while, but we do have a curfew, like in Quebec. However, here in France the exception (inter alia) is:
"Déplacements brefs, dans un rayon maximal d’un kilomètre autour du domicile pour les besoins des animaux de compagnie."

"Animaux de compagnie" can be translated as "pets" or the term I prefer, "companion animals". The term would apply to any animal kept as a companion in the home, provided one could show that the animal is indeed a pet and has to "do its needs". I have not yet heard of anyone taking a pet peacock for a late night walk, haha!

I wonder why Quebec has chosen to limit the exception to only dogs?
I don't know why they would limit late night walks to dogs.  I know it is winter so no one would be walking a lizard or something else tropical, but someone could be walking a goat or a pig.  There are some odd companion animals around.

I agree the word companion animal is better.  It is more inclusive and  more respectful.

We have a lockdown and a stay at home order in Ontario.  It is a little less than a curfew, but we can still be questioned if we are out. I don't think anyone like me who is working will be questioned. We are so obviously working. We are the ones who fall asleep on the bus because we are so tired. It does let them talk to people who have no reason to be out. We have to do something to stop transmission. The city could impose a curfew. I am sure it is being talked about.

I think if someone was out with any kind of animal on a leash they would not be stopped. The intention is to stop social gatherings where transmission takes place.
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