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60 dogs rescued from Chinese dog meat market need help to be flown to safety
Chinese Rescue Dogs has saved 60 dogs from the dog meat market. Now they need to get them out of the country. The dogs are usually flown to North America where they will find forever homes. Under normal circumstances they can fly on commercial flights. Because of the pandemic, air travel is less reliable and commercial flights are not an option. They will have to be transported by cargo plane, a more expensive option. Before any of them can fly they need to raise the money for all of them to fly. Hopefully they can raise the funds and give the dogs a chance at life.

Sometimes we are so caught up in our own situations that we forget that things like the dog meat markets are still going on. 
People in North American certainly want dogs right now. Maybe if they would make donations to Chinese Rescue Dogs and groups like that, there would be dogs available for adoption. Everyone would benefit.
When these 60 dogs are safely out of the country and on their way to new homes, there is another set of dogs they hope to rescue.
It seems like an endless battle, but while they are rescuing dogs, there is also work to be done to stop the dog meat trade.  It will happen some day.
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