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Left handed vs right handed in animals
Humans are predominantly right handed, meaning they favor the right hand for many tasks. The point is, individuals favor the use of one hand over the other. This does reflect differences in brain structure. There are humans who favor the left hand.  (We tend to be more creative)
Studies of animals show that some species clearly favor one hand over another. If a species is predominantly right handed, there are still some members of the species that favor the left hand.
Lemurs as a species is predominantly left handed.
Octopus individuals show a preference for using a certain limb.
Whatever the reason for species to develop a right vs left preference it seems to be fairly common for a preference to develop.

I am with the Lemurs. Go lefties!
Handedness is an interesting phenomena and it seems a common one.  You really do have to wonder why. The fact that it happens in a range of species means it isn't something humans thought up. Handedness really does exist.  Now I am going to be looking at my pets and wondering if there are other south paws in the house.
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