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Dog walkers harassed during the lockdown
I am sure various pet care people are experiencing problems during the pandemic lockdowns. The rules are not clear and many services for pets are essential. 
Dog walking is one of them. Dogs need to be walked. Some people are not physically able to walk their dogs. Many frontline workers need the help of dag walking services right now.  One dog walking company is experiencing harassment while they walk the dogs of hospital staff and other frontline workers.

They are providing an essential service for people and I am sure they can do it as safely as many other businesses that are allowed to operate.
One dog walker can handle 6 dogs. That means five other people can stay home. It is unfair that people are giving the dog walkers a hard time. It is unfair that some pet services are closed right now.  There have been petitions and the government has listened. 
Dog walking is now allowed even during the more restrictive lockdown.

This is good, but now we need pet groomers to be allowed to open. Some pet grooming is essential. Some dog breeds need regular clipping and nail care.
It is actually not clear if they can be open or not.  We do need the government to be clear and we do need various pet services to be designated as essential.

If you can't figure out what is allowed and what is not can you imagine what it is like for the people doing the jobs.
The important thing is that animals need care and sometimes the owner can't provide it.  We need all pet services to be declared essential and then they can work within the safety protocols other businesses follow. I can hold out another month without a haircut, but there are many dogs that need to be clipped now.
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It's terrible that dog walkers are being harassed in Toronto!
They are indeed, providing an essential service. Many ill or disabled people can't walk their dogs. Those who can, could easily walk their own, even during lockdown, as daily exercise is allowed.

But why should the dog walking services be stopped just because of the virus? That makes no sense. There is safe social contact when picking up dogs, and if the dog walker wears a face mask when meeting the dogs' people and gloves to hold the leads, then I can't see any danger!

Yes, you're right that dog grooming services also should be allowed to operate. Not cutting a dog's toenails, or allowing its fur to become tangled and matted is a form of cruelty. Not all dog caretakers have the abilty to do these things.
It helps of course, if people can learn how to do these things safely. I am sure there are tutorials online to help people who are unsure? And grooming equipment such as clippers etc can be easily bought from pet stores online or perhaps from Amazon.

But still, there will be many who can't do it, so these services are also essential, I think.
It makes no sense which services are allowed and which are not.   Dog walkers have no social contact with people. They just walk the dogs by themselves.
Many are walking the dogs of nurses and caregivers who are working overtime and just don't have the time or energy left to walk their dogs.

Grooming is the same. Some people are not able to groom their dogs. Some are working long hours at the hospitals and they just don't have time to groom the dogs.
They don't have time to watch the "how to" videos.  Even if you have the equipment it is not easy to groom a dog if you have never done it. 
Groomers have all the right tools to cut claws and they know how to do it right.

Surely the dog could be left with the groomer for the day and picked up later with no actual contact. That is how we are doing vet visits right now.

I can go into a Walmart and buy anything along with many other people, but I can't get a dogs nails cut.  It makes no sense.

I don't understand people harassing a dog walker. There are many people out there breaking rules and endangering the rest of us. Why is anyone out there bothering a dog walker. We are under  stay at home orders. Stay home, means stay home, not go out and bother those that are essential services.
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Wow, I'm so glad I haven't run into that!  But as things closed down clients were canceling so it was kind of a non-issue.  Rover did ask if I was available for front-line workers and I said yes.  I never got any requests though.
Quote:Wow, I'm so glad I haven't run into that!  But as things closed down clients were canceling so it was kind of a non-issue.  Rover did ask if I was available for front-line workers and I said yes.  I never got any requests though.
I never thought about how closely this issue effects you. I guess a lot people had to cancel because they are not working.
Everything is so disrupted for all of us. 
I wonder what the front line workers did about their dogs. Maybe they had family members who were not working.

In the early days I was getting harassed just because I was obviously some kind of front line worker. I had more than one person run at me because I was wearing a mask. It is not surprising dog walkers have been harassed. Toronto is pretty tense.

Possible good news is the likelihood that groomers will be able to open. It is a strong maybe. Vets are restricted so having dog groomers look over dogs and cut their claws would be a real help.

When I took Boo Bunny for a pre-neutering check-up I had to hand his carrier in the door and stand outside. If we can do the surgery in Feb. I will be handing his carrier in the door again. I don't like it, but Boo can't wait for this all to end before he is neutered. He is growing up very fast.
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