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Protect your pets from Coyotes
This time of year coyotes are active because it is their mating season. They are less wary of humans. It is essential to supervise pets carefully. Coyotes will eat a cat of small dog that is left out. They will injure a larger dog. It is not safe to leave a pet out unattended.

Coyotes are part of our urban landscape in North America. Yet every year some pets are lost to coyotes. We need to learn how to protect our pets from a danger that is with us every year. Letting your cat out puts it at risk. Many cats never come back. We can only assume a coyote got it. Coyotes will jump a fence to get at a small dog in a back yard. It is not safe to let your small dog out alone, especially at night. We have to make the changes in our behavior since the coyotes are just being coyotes and doing what comes natural to them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Sharing this far and wide! I have them trotting down the middle of my neighborhood roads. This time a year it's so rainy I don't let the dogs out much without having to watch them or wait to dry them with a towel. I'm always super careful anyway because I've seen them as close as one street away.
Coyotes are everywhere right now. Once they have babies to care for they will not be so bold. They have jumped into people's yards and grabbed their small dogs.
People I know always let their cat out at night. They were near a golf course that had coyotes and one night he didn't come back. I am sure the coyotes got him.

Your big dogs could still get chewed up if they encountered a coyote of two.
I wish everyone was a cautious as you. It is sad to read about pets being grabbed by coyotes. It seems to happen every year. People are just not being careful enough.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I do have the benefit of having a pack and I've seen them in action when Graham was attacked in 2019. They jumped to help and protect and I had to call them off. I know a coyote won't take the chance when all 5 are outside. Fennec and Graham are really fast and quick to act. With the back up of the others barking I know when anything is even remotely close to our yard.
It does help that you have a pack. They must be quite a sight when they work together.  I am glad they protect each other.

I feel sad for the little dogs who are put out in the back yard alone. Every year a few of those little dogs are taken by coyotes. 
There have already been two incidents in Toronto.

This happens every year. It has happened in previous years and it will happen next year.
The  city issues warnings, but people still put their dogs outside. It is like the dogs in hot cars issue. 
People just don't get it.
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