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Warning: Pumpkin Spice treats can be harmful to pets
It is just starting to be the time of year when North Americans consume Pumpkin Spice treats, especially Lattes. They are sweet and delicious and many pets probably like the taste. However some of the seasonings can be harmful to pets.

We don't have to give up our pumpkin spice, but we do need to be careful. It is too easy to leave things like Nutmegs out while we are using them. A dog or cat could easily play with, chew and swallow the whole Nutmeg. That would be a dangerous amount. A dog could easily drink a Latte and become sick from a whole number of ingredients. This is a good time for us to be cautious. 

Think of it as preparation for the cautions needed for Halloween and Christmas. Many of out treats are toxic for our best friends.
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