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The story of Darth
Hope this is allowed!! 
I volunteer for a horse rescue and animal sanctuary, one day this beautiful soul fell out the transport trailer and stole my heart!! I never thought I would have a horse again but quickly I bonded with him, he could hardly breathe (thats why we named him Darth (Vader)) and it looked like his hoof would fall off.. We tried everything, I walked him for hours on end, but we lost him to colic within 24 hours. I just hope it meant as much to him to have a human again, even if only for one day, as it did to me to have a horse again. One of my boys forever now  Heart
It is only people who post YouTube videos with the aim of getting likes and money for clicks that get deleted. In your case, I am entirely satisfied that you are genuinely concerned about the welfare of animals.

You really did your very best to care for poor Darth. Many blessings to you for all that you have done!

I hope that you will stay with the forum and join some of the discussions. Warmest best wishes to you!
What you did for Darth is very beautiful. You couldn't save him, but at least he didn't die without knowing love. You gave him, probably the best day he ever had in his life. He didn't end up the way he did without a lot on neglect.  You only had 24 hours to show him what it is to be cared for and you did it. Darth could walk proudly across the Rainbow Bridge knowing what it was to be special to someone. Heart

Thank-you for sharing this with us and welcome to our forum. We are always glad to hear from other animal lovers.
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