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30 lions euthanized at South African farm
A fire passed through a lion breeding farm. The animals were unable to escape. Many were badly injured. The owner of the farm did nothing to help them. They had no medical care. They didn't even have food or water.  Inspectors with the South African branch of the SPCA  discovered the situation 5 days after the fires. 
There were 59 lions living in a horrible state.  They have acted to help the lions, but sadly 30 of them were to far gone to save. They were humanely euthanized.
The owner of the farm has been charged with animal cruelty. He has shown no interest in caring for the lions even now.

This particular situation is terrible in the extreme. Those poor lions have suffered so much.
However this is just part of the terrible situation of lion breeding farms. The lions are bred to be used by humans to make money.
The cubs are taken from their mothers very young to be used in petting zoos. A adults they are used to breed more lions. They are used for canned hunting and trophies. Their bones are sold for "medicines". Every stage of their lives they are used.  In this particular situation the lions have suffered terribly because of a fire.
Their whole lives were full of suffering and neglect anyhow. At no point would they have had freedom or even comfort. The fire just shows us how bad the lion farming situation is. Lion farming needs to be stopped.  By its very nature it is cruel. It makes money be using and misusing lions. At no point will it ever be a good thing.
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