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H! It's my first post
Hi everyone! It's a pleasure to join your community  Heart

My name is Yegor. I'm the creator of an animal YouTube media called Cuddle Buddies. We share animals' real-life stories, including the ones who are rescued or adopted, with one mission in mind — to let the animals speak. Smiley55  

Check out our videos and please leave your feedback — your critical (or positive) would inspire us to make more interesting stories.  

Here's the link to the channel —> 

If you have an interesting story and content about your cuddle buddies, let me know.
Welcome to the Forum. We are always happy to talk to another animal lover.  The video is hilarious. Is he your parrot?  He looks like he is some kind of Conure.
It must be fun to live with Lorik. He is a clever little bird with quite a personality.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thanks Catherine! It's awesome I've found this forum. No, it's not my parrot, my friend's. He is a lorikeet and he is quite a character. Super fun to bee around.
Of course, a Lorikeet. I should have guessed. They are such characters. It would be fun having a friend with a Lorikeet. 

I have two canaries and a budgie, all of them rescues. They are not fun like lorikeets, but they are cheerful. 
What type of pets do you have?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm in Australia we had lorikeets in our aviary we also have them wild flying around they land in the big tree in our backyard.

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