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Tragic fire in reptile breeder's home
There was a tragic fire in Edmonton in the home of a reptile breeder. A small number of tortoises and a gecko survived. It seems everything else succumbed to the smoke. I feel for the owner of the reptiles. He has lost so much.
In a weird twist, Animal Control  declared that thousands of reptiles died in the fire. There were actually dozens of animals, many of them young frogs that were due to be sent elsewhere.

It takes a weird perspective on reptiles to see a few dozen animals as thousands. The same is true when it comes to size. People will look at a tiny snake and see a giant monster snake.  It is hard enough for someone to have lost most of their animals. It is worse to hear reports of thousands or reptiles dying.

I hope the tortoises and gecko survive. Maybe the reptile community can do a fundraiser or donate supplies to help the person who has lost so much.
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