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Little girl sells rocks to buy cat food and a cancer survivor helps her
A little girl needed to raise money to feed her cat. She was selling rocks, but wasn't having much success. Along came a woman who survived brain cancer surgery. The surgery left her with some damage, including facial paralysis. She was intrigued by the child selling rocks and to help out she bought 4 of the me for $20.00.
The girl was so happy and told her about feeding the cat. The woman went home and put the story out on social media. People responded and sent money, cat food and gift cards. The little girl  is able to provide for her cat because of the kindness of  people.

This is a beautiful story. Everyone involved is is acting out of kindness and caring. The little girl just wanted to provide for her cat. Other people wanted to help her do that.  When everyone acts out of kindness, good things happen.  When you have a chance to do an act of kindness you should never pass it up. You never know how much good you might be doing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That is so sweet!! What a beautiful story and a beautiful kitty!! That little girl is going to remember that for the rest of her life!!
The whole story is beautiful. A lot of people did good things and the little girl gets to keep her cat. She definitely will remember this. No doubt she will do good things for other in the future. If you want to repay a kindness, you have to pay it forward.
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