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Thousands of farm animals dead in the BC flood waters
The lower mainland of BC has received a months worth of rain in two days. There have been landslides wiping out highways. People had to be rescued from their cars by helicopter. There has been massive flooding in a primarily agriculture area.  It sounds like the flood waters overwhelmed things very quickly. People had little warning  in some areas. They believe thousands of farm animals have drowned.

Some serious rescue efforts are underway.

BC floods: Farmers rescue cattle with jet skis in Abbotsford - YouTube

Some farmers are taking in rescued cows.

This is a terrible tragedy, but I am seeing an amazing response from the community.  The animals that have survived made it because people went in there and pulled them to safety.  It just happened so fast that many were lost.

This is an ongoing story and there will be more.  As I hear things I will post them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Sadly the final count is not good. Many thousands of animals died in the floods. 
About 110 bee hives were submerged as well.

Flooding is such a destructive disaster. Even though many worked to rescue farm animals, some were trapped and couldn't be reached in time.
It is really sad about the bee hives. It has been cold enough that the bees wouldn't have been flying. They would have been trapped in the hives. The main entrance to a hive is near the bottom. Even if they tried to escape the water would have blocked the entrance.

I don't think anyone has assess the wildlife situation. Some wildlife would have been caught in the floods as well.
How much damage can one area take. First there were destructive fires and now there are destructive floods. Catastrophic climate change is hitting some areas worse than others.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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