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Really Big Bunnies!
I have never heard of Continental Giant Rabbits. Apparently the family who has them started out in Toronto. I would love to have seen them. 
They can weight 25 pounds and they are as big as a dog. The family moved to Nova Scotia and now has a number of the rabbits. They even raise them.
They are definitely the biggest rabbits in Nova Scotia.

It is interesting that they are a calm rabbit. At that size, they don't need to get excited. I could see them as an emotional support animal or a visiting therapy animal. Who wouldn't smile at the sight of a giant rabbit. Just looking at a big overstuff bunny like that is enough to make you laugh. 

Not too many people would have room for a rabbit like that. Someone doing therapy work could consider it.
I would love to just see them. I doubt I could even lift one. I could sit down with it though. That would be nice.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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